Is Assassins Creed Unity crashing on you ?

Not sure if this issue is strictly on the PS4 but upon reaching Sequence 12 Memory 2 , my game would crash right as the level was about to load with the error code CE-34878-0. The only way to get my game to load and actually be playable was to completely disable my Internet connection in the PS4’s settings.

The path to the setting is:

On the PS4’s home screen select Settings – Network – Uncheck the “Connect to Internet” Box.

Until Ubisoft releases a patch this may be the only workaround which isn’t really that bad as the game will continue to save locally and you get to continue and eventually finish the single player story mode. The down side to using this fix, you won’t be able to play multiplayer and the companion app will no longer function. A few other things like using Boosts and accessing Initiates, the store and certain features on the map will no longer function either.

This is a temporary solution to this bug as the game is rendered useless until I disabled my internet connection so whatever ACUnity is tying to access on the Ubisoft servers is either not there or sending back a bad reply and causing the game to ultimately crash. This bug is absolutely an Assassins Creed Unity bug as I could play any other title just fine with the internet connection re-enabled.

I Hope this helps to at least get things going again for you if your game was crashing and basically useless as mine was. Leave any comments or questions and I will answer and help you as best as I can regarding this issue.

Game Review – Alien Isolation (PS4)

Alien Isolation PS4

Alien Isolation PS4

Lets just get right to it and let someone else beat around the bush, this game is a bit of a let down especially considering all the material, blockbuster movies and previous game releases the developers had to work with. Alien Isolation hails itself as a Next-Gen, first person adventure however a few obvious and very noticeable flaws appear within the first hour of gameplay:

– Start the game and immediately take a look down at your feet and tell me those proportions are accurate? (no wonder the Alien wants to kill her)
– Why is the voice over audio so poorly done and scripted that enemies all sound like moody, petulant teenagers?
– Why do all the voices have the same volume whether you are standing right next to them or running away two rooms down?
– Why does the flash light look like it was dragged right out of a N64 game? In fact, I’ve seen better flashlight attempts in some Nintendo games so I shouldn’t insult them like that. I found myself opting to crawl around blindly in the dark rather than using that poor excuse of a flash light as it just looks like someone left their cold beverage on your tv screen for too long and its now left a few water stains.
– Why does the main character NOT HAVE A SHADOW? Are you serious? This is still so puzzling to me as even inanimate objects like boxes and crates have shadows cast by light sources in the game (be they static or dynamic) however the main character doesn’t? You telling me the PS4 or Xbox One couldn’t handle rendering this? Take a look at Destiny on either platform and see how a shadow looks like when it is done right.
– Who codes a million save points into their games these days? Why do we have large hard drives built into our consoles if games insist on using 80’s, save manually every 10 steps architecture? “Auto Save” for pete sakes!

Im sorry but SEGA has to have some large ones to charge $60 for this conglomeration of old, cliché and hackneyed gameplay, how utterly brave of them! I now believe I know why they chose not to release a demo as buyers would of clued up to the poor title they were considering purchasing. This is not Next-Gen and this is not worth $60, Xbox 360/Playstation 3 $49.99 maybe but PS4/Xbox One Next-Gen this is not I’m afraid.

Not to be completely negative (even though its really easy to be after playing this game) one of the few aspects that looks good and works well are the cutscenes as they are done via the in-game engine and look mighty impressive for a console that costs about the same as a decent PC video card. However even these cutscenes are hindered slightly by frame rate drops every now and then but not enough to be a major distraction luckily as I did find myself not skipping these at all. At certain times throughout the game it does provide a feast of eye candy and gorgeous visual effects especially if you know what to look for and what it takes to render such things however the annoyances I mentioned earlier always seem to snap you right out of the immersive world the developers tried so hard to create.

I will have to give the sound engineers and programmers a huge round of applause as the audio of Alien Isolation when pumped through a decent 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system is scary good. Dolby 7.1 shines especially well if you set the audio to “Full Range” in the options and you can literally hear the Alien running above and below you along with the usual front, rear and side channels doing a fantastic job as well with solid low end effects handled by the subwoofer but not so much that it drowns everything else out. A job really well done and probably some of the best sounding audio I have heard from a video game in a long time.

The story’s first few hours is slow as it builds up characters, locations and the serious danger the Alien poses and how reliant you are on stealth as you will be spending most of your time in the game running around trying to do everything as quietly as possible. Im ok with a bit of stealth gameplay every now and then but I also love me some kick the door down, hold the trigger and spray the walls full of bullet holes kind of gameplay, but that sort of approach will get you killed quick. The story and gameplay seems to gain momentum towards the last few hours of the game but naturally you will have to put in many hours of frantic running, hiding, box investigation and manual saving to reach this point.

At the end of the day thankfully, I didn’t shell out $60 for this game and can happily send it right back to GameFly and tell SEGA thanks but no thanks, what’s next though 😀 ?