Jailbreaking your iPhone, you still doing it ?

I remember the first time I “jailbroke” my iPhone and at the same time I unlocked it as well. I felt like such a bad ass because nobody else I knew had any clue what jailbreaking was or how I got my phone to look and act so differently than theirs.That feeling of circumventing restrictions and limitations was so great and the updates and new mods arrived like clockwork almost daily in the Cydia store. The only downside for me was the constant reboots, crashes and just plain bizarre things your phone would do seeing as someone other than an Apple approved codie wrote the app so its stability relied heavily on your trust in their ability to code correctly. With each new release of iOS and each subsequent jailbreak, things seemed to get better and more stable however things on the light side (the stock non jailbroken side) were looking up as well as apps started to loosen their grip and slowly eliminate those nasty restrictions. Apple duly took notice of the jailbreaking community and the apps/features it was buzzing about and gradually began including these in their own future releases of iOS thus slowly making the need to jailbreak less and less appealing and necessary.

I recently jailbroke my iPhone 6+ and the sad thing is I put it right back to stock a mere 7 days later. Why, well lets just say that with where iOS 8 stands now with all its stock features and most importantly to me, stability, the mods are not looking so tempting anymore. I don’t want to pay $5 to fill my lock screen full of widgets that just tell me the same information that’s just one swipe away. I don’t want to pay $2 to change the color of my keyboard to pink or green and I sure don’t want to pay $3 to have my screen swirl or pinch every time I swipe to the next page. The only reason I would consider going back to the dark side (jailbroken) would be for an app called MiWi which allows you to turn your phone into a mobile hotspot even if you don’t pay the man extra for this feature and seeing as I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan, this app is absolute GOLD to me. The rest of the modding scene just seems a bit old, slightly stale and most apps seem refurbished and the iOS jailbreak/mod scene seems like its lacking another truly killer must have app like MyWi or AdBlocker to really give the scene a boost and make it exciting again. Unfortunately I just can’t get past how unstable your device becomes say if you happen to pay for two apps and they don’t like working alongside one another, they will crash and cause your device to reboot as long as they are both installed. You’re then left with the choice of either deleting the app you just paid for or dealing with the constant reboots all throughout the day, no thanks! Yes, some of you may say “Im jailbroken and I hardly ever get reboots” but that’s just because you haven’t downloaded that next app that conflicts with something you already had installed on your device and once that happens, welcome to “reboot town” my friend, population zero as everyone wants the heck out of that place….

As of writing this, I’m comfortably back on a stock version of iOS 8 and loving the fact that my phone is not rebooting every hour or just when I really need to use it. From now on I’ll stick to playing with Apple’s iOS betas from their developer program until the lure of jailbreaking pulls me back to giving it another shot which I do every few releases that are hailed as being secure and stable. I don’t want you to walk away from reading this article thinking that I’m bashing or turning on the jailbreaking scene at all as that is most definitely not the case. What Jay Freeman aka Saurik and others have done with Cydia and some of the quintessential apps are amazing and honestly have helped Apple shape so many features we now see in iOS8, it’s just that the brains behind all this jailbreak goodness may need to slow down and refocus on stability and reliability first before slapping a $1 or $2 price tag on another app and throwing it up on a repo. I really want he jailbreak scene to succeed even more so than it already has as I love nothing more than having total and full control of my device and doing what I want with it! Having full control and ownership of something I paid for, now isn’t THAT a wonderful concept?

Apple and Samsung go at it again…

This time around things are getting physical. All it took was a single user, a pair of tight jeans and an #iPhone 6. The end result was a viral outbreak of concerns regarding questionable build quality and design as users around the world found it easy to bend their iPhone 6’s. Respective tests of other similar devices from other brands such as the #Samsung #Galaxy S4 and S5 found similar results. Here’s a news flash for those still in total shock and disbelief and on the boarder of total anarchy, if you want slimmer and larger devices, well, you’re inevitably opening the door to more bendable materials and designs, that’s just the nature of the beast for now until the next generation lightweight metal (or plastic ) comes along. This has got me pondering who’s going to be the first major company to release a carbon fiber phone for the masses that doesn’t require a bank loan? Get on it T.Cook!

The ultimate reason the Samsung Note and other phones similar to its dimensions don’t bend as easily comes down to exactly that, it’s dimensions. Now the reason I say “ultimate” is that Apples choice of an aluminum body may also have a roll to play in the bend factor here but what it all boils down to is the actual thickness of the device for everyday users like you and me. The Samsung Note 3 comes in at a thickness of 33mm whereas the iPhone comes in at 27mm. That 5mm difference seems to be the major factor here as Apple chose to go where no 5.5″ device had dared to go before (large and thin) and probably for these exact reasons.

The mere fact that one can use his own hands to bend the phone pretty easily it’s quite surprising. It’s not shocking to me personally as I for one do not use my phone like a gadget killing monster, I love and respect all my toys and always have my phone in a case immediately which greatly improves its rigidity. From the day I opened my first iPhone back when in June 2007, I’ve never treated it as a bulletproof device even back then when it was hefty, bulky and sure felt like it could take a bullet. Heck even Hollywood used the iPhone as a life saving device in a few movies so why anyone would think that things have improved in the strength department after shaving the thickness almost in half is #facepalm worthy! Did they not pay attention in physics class?

However, I do agree that one should be able to place ones phone inside ones own pocket and not have to worry about it coming out looking like a piece of elbow macaroni but let’s be realistic here, If your body tells you your jeans are too tight (aka you require assistance to get in and out of them) and you go and slip a phone in there, chances are it’s going to bend. Bottom line here is for something as beautiful and slim as the iPhone 6 is and as not to mention expensive, why not pay a little more attention to it and don’t just shove it in any old hole. Case it up, they make them so slim and in such a variety of colors now that you really have no excuse not to anymore and just like that your #bendgate problems are solved, k?

Can we move the focus on to iOS8 apps so the developers will get to it and update them for our larger screens already! Yes I’m looking at you #YouTube!

iOS 8.0.1 is out but don’t upgrade just yet

Don't hit that upgrade button just yet!!!

Don’t hit that upgrade button just yet!!!

I’m going to cut to the chase on this one seeing as the outcome of upgrading could be disastrous. According to multiple reports on the web and Apple support forums the latest update from Apple 8.0.1 does fix many bugs however Apple managed to negate all of it’s efforts to fix iOS 8’s bugs by unintentionally breaking your 3G/LTE data connection andĀ Touch ID takes an unintentional knockout punch as well for some reason. I can see Tm Cook face palming himself right now at his desk after he updated his phone. Basically you will be sitting pretty with a phone that kindly displays the dreaded “No Service” message and will be unable to register your fingerprints for use with Touch ID but at least you can now try out some health Kit apps right.

Apple has cleared the HealthKit service and allowed the apps that take advantage of it to show up again in the app store but naturally hold off on updating for now, knowing Apple they will have a revised version (8.0.2 or 8.0.1a) within 48 hrs most likely. If you have managed to avoid updating, consider yourself lucky but if you did end up taking the leap of faith, I wouldn’t move too far away from any wifi hotspot for now.