Popular Twitch streamer pulled from flight by local police 

A flight from LA to Texas became extremely real for popular IRL Twitch streamer Paul Denino aka “Ice_Poseidon” when he and fellow streamer Hailey were escorted off of a plane bound for Austin, Texas by local police in Phoenix. For the second time this month, Ice_Poseidon, a hugely popular live streamer on the site Twitch.tv, has been met by gun-wielding, uniformed men and asked to place his hands behind his head. Ice_Poseidon was swatted earlier this very month in his own home in Hollywood, CA. The caller was later revealed as a member of Lizzard Squad, the same hacker group involved in taking down both Sony and Xbox’s gaming service servers in 2014. The term “swatting” became well know on the popular live streaming site Twitch and describes a situation usually involving a live streamer who has the authorities (most likely cops or swat) show up at their residence because the prankster usually calls in a bomb threat, self-harm or harm to others. Authorities naturally take all calls very seriously and most end up with the streamer in cuffs and having to explain the situation with some finding themselves cuffed more than once during their livestream careers. The popularity of any streamer usually determines if they are pranked in this way as pranksters generally want the biggest audience to their devious work and with tens of thousands of live viewers watching at any moment it is easy to see why popular streamers are such attractive targets. The actual moment authorities bust in the door usually is “caught on tape” as most victims are live streaming at the time. These videos then make their way to other popular social media sites where they go viral thus boosting the ego of the prankster and the notoriety of the targeted streamer. Without anything to really help popular streamers from being targeted other than blacklisting their own address (informing ones local police that 911 calls involving your address are to be temp ignored) swatting is here to stay and will continue to be exploited untill changes are brought about. #FREEICE
As of the time this article was writte , Ice Poseidon is no longer associated with Twitch and is now happily shaking up the IRL section on YouTube, catch him live on most days here.

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