iOS 10.3 is available to download…

iOS 10.3 is live and ready for download, it doesn’t bring major changes but a few gems nonetheless:

  • Apple’s new file system which will make your device run faster and more reliably. Newer devices will see noticeably improved load times and transitioning
  • AirPod headphone finder has been added to the Find My iPhone app (I lose mine all the time so this is an awesome addition)
  • The ability to review an app without having to actually go into the App Store and manually create a review (this was really frustrating before and is a welcomed change) 
  • Locate your parked car using the Maps app
  • Weather info using 3D Touch using the Maps app.
  • The ability to rent and watch your movies across all your connected devices (scenario: rent on iPhone in the cab ride, watch on Apple TV when you get home)
  • Wireless payments with Siri have been updated to support more vendors and booking / scheduling an Über or Lyft via Siri has been tweaked to be even faster and streamlined
  • Bill payments and payment status checks via Siri have been improved

A full list of all changes and updates can be found here iOS 10.3 change log

To grab the update now go to devices settings and select “general” and finally select the “software update” option to force your phone to grab it from Apple’s servers 🤓

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