The new Top Gear and its current state after two episodes..

Even though it featured some brief footage of my hometown, Cape Town South Africa, the bottom line is that nothing else on episode 2of BBC’s newly revamped Top Gear ever truly had me engaged or peaked my interest. Honestly the single highlight of the show was Jenson Button showing up to drive the McLaren 675LT and violently spinning it off the track in a cloud of white smoke billowing from its abused tires. I was desperately hopeful that things would pick up and begin to improve for the BBC goliath but unfortunately last nights second episode simply fell flat on its face and featured even more poorly than its debut a week earlier according to multiple internet show rating services. 

  • The internet’s take on the original casts members reaction to the announcement of their replacement hosts. 

Episode two was full of an overwhelming sense of awkwardly forced “chemistry”. Chris Evans cheered every action of his peers and guests as if they were 2 year olds and the challenges were a complete bore and unimaginative at best. I still have much love for the Top Gear brand and told myself I would give the new guys a season (or two) to get their shit together. Even the original didn’t really find its stride until a couple of seasons in but the original producers know the winning formula, they know what to do, they just don’t have the on camera personality anymore to back it up and translate it to onscreen gold. Amazon for now does, they have the three men that made Top Gear the world wide phenomenon it became however the producers of the new Amazon show (title is still unknown at this time) don’t have the winning formula (yet) and it will undoubtedly and understandably take some time for them to find their stride as well so I will be watching the first few seasons with as much optimism and hope as I did for BBC’s Top Gear. Even though my heart will always be with Jezza and the boys on their new platform on Prime, if the new BBC Top Gear team could just address 

  • its lack of presenter chemistry 
  • It’s lack of interesting guests
  • fix the level of writing (it’s so boring) 
  • go crazy with the challenges (MORE EXPLOSIONS!) 

they could possibly turn things around. At the moment with the way things stand, Chris Harris (who had a pretty decent show on his own on YouTube ended up having the most memorable camera time for me even though for some reason he’s been tossed on some after thought, 2nd rate extra footage show and will barely feature on the main show at all. I think Harris and Sebine would make great things happen on camera and behind the wheels were they pitted against one another as a feature on the main show, can you say hint BBC?

 The next few episodes are going to be crucial for Top Gear and they need to bring the crazy if they want to bail out this sinking ship of a car show – see what I did there!

All hands on deck!!!

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