It’s been a while….

But fear not, things have just been extremely crazy and I’ve since come to my senses and realized I can not be neglecting my little corner of the internetz especially seeing as how much I love to write articles regarding anything and everything technology related. I apologize tech nation however Twitch and streaming my video game endeavors has been swallowing me up totally in that “good way”. We may be onto something good here, we may have uncovered a new path for me to walk down so join me in exploring this whole new world of being a streamer and having zero privacy anymore whilst playing video games online. I may just get all serious about it and actually call myself a streamer one of these days but until then, let’s just have fun with it. The link on top of this page called “Gaming Live” will always take you directly to my stream should I be live at that particular moment, how convenient right? 

Cape Town

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